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AIS, the New Maritime Tool

During the last decade, International Maritime Organization (IMO) has developed and established a standard and mandatory carriage requirement for Automatic Identification System (AIS) equipment under the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) Convention. Since 2002, the mandate for ships is in effect world-wide with the following implementation schedule:

2002: Newbuilds   2003: Passenger ships, Tankers
2004: Other ships >300 gross tonnage
2004 (2008): Ships not in international voyages

Today more than 60 000 ships world-wide are carrying AIS transponders. Ports and national coastal lines are being equipped with AIS infrastructure consisting of AIS base stations and networks for applications such as Vessel Traffic Service (VTS), National Security Monitoring, Fleet Management, and Search & Rescue (SAR) coordination.

AIS messages broadcasted by ships contains a number of parameters including:

-          Ship ID
          Speed over ground
          Course over ground
          True Heading
          Navigation Status
 Rate of turn (when available)
          Type of ship
          Length and beam
          Ships draft, cargo type
          Destination, ETA


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